Home Sweet Home is a research and publication platform to investigate self-organized, artist-led, and curatorial projects in India. We focus on the modes and materialities of cultural productions through which counter-institutional narratives emerge, ones that do not rely on familiar modes of transactions and values prescribed by hegemonic discourses of art and art history. Home Sweet Home started as an exhibition series in 2015 and occupied domestic spaces to exhibit works of art.

The first website of Home Sweet Home was hosted on the Small Victories Project. The website was designed by Nihaal Faizal.

Small Victories was a free website platform that created websites from files in Dropbox. The Home Sweet Home website was hosted on Small Victories From 2016 to 2021, when they finally shut down. It gave us a platform to exist for free and be with a project that seemed in sync with our larger vision. We remain nostalgic of our old website and Small Victories. Here is the documentation of the old website and the final shutting down of the Small Victories project.