7. Unravelling the Doily

A doily is an ornamental mat...used for protecting surfaces.

(Thank you Wikipedia.)

Mostly women crocheted doilies as a pastime, but as fashions in handcraft changed, so went the doily. One can draw a parallel to rangoli and traditional pattern making where one starts with a point and develops an intricate pattern with no plan. Patterns need not repeat themselves, and thus the room takes on a new aspect with complex patterns covering and personalizing scratched furniture. Doilies were also used to humanize appliances as technology was introduced into the home. Photos of doilies on toasters, televisions, and water heaters look like a form of exorcism.

Another work chronicles the relationship dramas of some figurines. The figurines are arranged as a storyboard printed on wallpaper. The figurines purchased in flea markets seem to be 3D versions of mannerist paintings such as that of Watteau. His painting captured gestures coyly in a lush decorative style which was seemingly both a confirmation and ironization of social situations.

The issues and artifacts presented in this exhibition are superficially frivolous. They point to the importance of enjoyment and contemplation of whatever situation or object you bring into your home, which is, after all, the point of departure for meeting what is outside.