1. Where the Heart Is

The opening show is the result of the coming together of some work that already exists in this space, along with the contributions of a few artist friends. Some of the work on display had come in the form of gifts or barters, and had already found a place for themselves in the house. Other work was identified according to available spaces, while some were created especially for the show. In borrowing from the popular idiom, ‘Where the Heart Is’ opens this home as a space with a range of possibilities for interventions and for coming together.

Personal Visual Journals by Aditi Rajiv

Meet Me After Dinner, Moakshaa Vohra

T-shirts by Christine Rogers

In Preparation for the Immaterial, Ragini Bhow

Andromeda Galaxy, Nihaal Faizal

Fruit Bowl by Snehal Kanodia

A Glossary of Orgasms, Nin Andrews

Still Life, Tara Kelton

A Note from Asha Jyothi

Photograph by Haleema Hashim